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Your Husband. My Husband. - Drums - T Shirt

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Royal Blue

Let's just take a moment to note some key differences between your husband and my husband. Your husband looks like a nice, ordinary guy, and there's no shame in that! But my husband... well, he's a Drummer, and that makes him WAY better than your man. He's got talent and soul and there's no question he's got your hubby beat. Sure, the love of your life seems like a great person. But the love of my life plays the drums and that's just always going to win. So, enjoy that sweet and simple life of yours. I'll be over here rocking out to the sweet beat my Drummer is drumming up. 

Are you proud of that drum playing husband of yours? You should be! Now you can show off your love and pride for your Drummer with this fantastically simple and witty t-shirt and hoodie!