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Yorkie T-Shirts and Hoodies

This little guy in your life is not just adorable to look at, he’s got a heart as big as the world and the courage of a lion. Yorkies don’t know they’re the smallest dog around, they just run like they rule the world. They’re fearless and up for anything.

Bred to kill rats, these little balls of fluff pack a lot of fierceness under their sweet faces. You know your Yorkie is always up for a ride in the car, a game or a walk in the park. You look at that smart, inquisitive little face and you just know it’s true that “Life is Better with a Yorkie.” You don’t know where you’d be without your little pal and you don’t even want to think about life without her.

After a long day, there’s nothing better than coming home to this cheerful little bundle of joy. You and your Yorkie spend hours together, chatting and laughing, while you read or watch TV. It’s no wonder you’re this happy. It’s like our tee or hoodie says, “All You Need is Love and a Yorkie.”

If you just can’t resist the way your pup sits low to the ground you’ll like our tee and hoodie that say your Yorkie is a “Lowlife.” If you just can’t resist him, period, let your feelings show with the honest statement of “This Girl Loves Her Yorkie.”

Your Yorkie is more valuable to you than anything, and more loyal than anyone you’ve ever known. You never have to worry about where your heart is, it’s always safe with a Yorkie. That’s why we say, and you’ll agree, that “Dogs (not Diamonds) are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Is your Yorkie the center of your universe? We can’t blame you. They’re great companions who are curious, fun and easy to get along with. That’s why you’ll appreciate our tee and hoodie that say, “All I Care About is My Yorkie and, Like, Maybe Three People.” It's obvious. Most people can’t match your Yorkie for looks, smarts or charm.

If you do have more room in your heart, you will share this sentiment: “Love One Man and Several Dogs,” or “Love One Woman and Several Dogs.”

At I Love Apparel, we know there is nothing like the love we share with dogs, and we also know there’s nothing like a Yorkie when it comes to a sweet bundle of energy. We hope you find the Yorkie-themed tee or hoodie that’s perfect for that next game of fetch.


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