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Writer T-Shirts and Hoodies

You write for a living, or maybe your only payment is in the joy of seeing your words move people. You love words, you love what they can do, and you appreciate their power. Words can make someone smile, cry, laugh or want to spin with joy. When you write, you’re at peace, you’re in your place of bliss. Or you’re slamming your head against the keyboard wishing you had just a couple of more hours for that damn deadline. You’re either feeling mightiness flow through your pen, or you’re desperately racking your brain for just enough material to fill up that minimum word count.

Yes, a writer’s life is full of ups and downs, and it’s also full of anxiety, coffee and lots of stupid editors. Its’ a rich life, until you look at your paltry paycheck. It’s a full life, if you mean full of distractions, tedium and stupid people who don’t understand your creative genius.

You’re probably tired of people who say, “Oh, you’re a writer? You must be really good at spelling.” Yes, yes, you are, and that’s why you got that utterly useless degree in English Literature, to show off your scary spelling prowess. You’re also good at grammar, a basic concept that seems to elude most people you deal with on a daily basis. Being a writer means always having a little red pencil in your head that’s mentally correcting things like “me and you” or “I could care less.” It’s maddening but it’s the life you chose, isn’t it? Nobody to blame but yourself. And yes, we know that’s a sentence fragment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful novelist, journalist, copywriter or merely the “World’s Okayest Writer,” you’re going to have the same struggles. If you ask yourself, “Did Stephen King ever struggle with this? Did Charles Dickens?,” the answer is yes.

You’re probably more comfortable writing than talking, and for you talk-challenged people, we have this great tee or hoodie: “I Write Better than I Speak.” It lets people know that while you may not come across as brilliant in your conversation, you’re a superstar when it comes to your writing. Hey, if you believe it, we believe it too.

Even a busy, bleary-eyed writer needs time for romance, of course, and if you’ve managed to fit that into your life, congratulations. Give them a gift of words with a tee or hoodie that says, “Sorry, This Girl is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Writer.”

If you’re a writer, you probably also love books, so be sure to check out our book-themed and librarian-themed collections.

At I Love Apparel, we’d rather read a good book, article or magazine ad than hang out with half the people we know. We thank all you writers for enlightening, informing and entertaining us all these years, and we’re sure one of our writer-themed tees or hoodies will be right for you or any writer you know.


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