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Women Biker T-Shirts and Hoodies

Ladies, we know how you like it. You want it wild and fast, and you want to take it as far as it will go.

You’re a biker and you’ve got a hot romance going with your big, beautiful, badass bike. Nothing feels better than breaking it out for a ride on a long, curving mountain road. It’s just you and the open sky and a smooth highway and a big smile on your face.

You might have been introduced to the joys of leather and chrome by a boyfriend or husband, and to note that, we’ve got this great tee or hoodie: “I’m Just a Girl Who Fell in Love with a Biker.” It could be that ever since then, you’ve found a love that you just can’t shake.

Or maybe there was no man involved, you just met a motorcycle one day and that was it, you knew from the moment you swung into the seat that this was meant to be. A man would just slow you down, because you know that “Real Women Ride Their Own.”

You like nothing better than tearing down the highway at top speed, leaving those boys in your dust. That’s why our tee says it straight: “I Know I Ride Like a Girl, so Try to Keep Up.”

In fact, your love affair with your bike may be the most satisfying one you’ve ever known. It’s like this tee or hoodie says: “The More I Know about Men, the More I Love My Motorcycle.” And when you say, “Put Some Adventure Between Your Legs,” you’re talking about the kind you pick up at a bike shop, not the kind you pick up at a local bar.

That’s understandable. Your bike is your friend to the end and you can ride it whenever you want a taste of wild freedom. On your bike, nobody tells you what to do and you don’t give a rip what you look like, because, like our tee says, “Biker Hair Don’t Care.”

Guys are drawn to you because, like most bike-loving women, you give off an air of swagger and self-confidence that turns their heads. Make them eat their hearts out with this tee: “If You Think I’m Cute Now, Wait Until You See Me on My Motorcycle.”

You believe in love and romance, but your conception of it is a little different from most women’s. In your version, Cinderella ditched the prince at the ball so she could go for a moonlit motorcycle ride through the kingdom. Check out this tee or hoodie that tells that same story: “Forget the Glass Slippers, This Girl Wears Motorcycle Boots.”

At I Love Apparel, we say ride on. We know your motto is “Live Love Ride” and we’ve got a great collection of biker-themed tees and hoodies that will keep you looking and feeling great. You’re sure to find one that gets your motor running.


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