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Wine T-Shirts and Hoodies

You dream of it all day long and the thought of it gets you through many a rough spot at work or a stressful event. It's your favorite dinner companion; it makes everything taste better and makes the world more beautiful.

It's wine, that gift of a loving God that tastes of grapes and sunshine. There's a reason wine comes from places that are sunny and bright, where people know how to live. Drink enough wine and there's no such thing as a bad day.

You may not live in a sunny spot surrounded by vines, but you can escape to one by popping a cork. Life is hard; wine helps. Let's face it, most days coffee keeps you going until it's acceptable to drink wine.

You can face any problem or make a good time better with a bottle of wine and a glass. Maybe two bottles. It doesn't have to be a wine glass--a giant tumbler would work--and it doesn't matter what kind you like. You might adore Chianti, or sauvignon blanc, or chenin blanc, or a blend. Champagne is always a good idea. Red or white? You can go both ways. Whatever your choice, it's time to wine down and that's the best time of the day.

Wine goes great with romance too. You might be lucky enough to have a fellow wino in your life; someone you've shared many a laugh and a glass with since that day you told them, "You had me at merlot." Maybe you're a generous soul who loves one man and several wines. It's a beautiful thing when great minds drink alike.

You could be happily single, enjoying the way you can put your feet up, relax and sip your wine without worrying about being interrupted. You prefer to drink it alone because you know that men come and go; wine is forever.

Maybe your love is for one of your furred friends, and your favorite hobby is hanging out with your pet and your wine. You sometimes think that all you want to do is play with your German Shepherd, drink wine and take naps. There's nothing wrong with that. After all, it's not drinking alone if the dog's home.

At I Love Apparel, we know you can never have too much wine. And neither can we. Like you, we agree that you can't buy happiness, but you can buy wine, and that's kind of the same thing. We have a wide range of funny, pointed tees and hoodies that celebrate the fruit of the vine and you're sure to find the one that makes you smile. In the meantime, go ahead and wine a little; it'll make you feel better.


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