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Vet Tech T-Shirts and Hoodies

If you’re a vet tech, you know what it is to be on an emotional roller coaster. Your job gives you the joys of dealing with wonderful, furry creatures and their concerned parents. You’re the one who heals their wounds, soothes their nerves and makes sure they’re healthy and safe.

On the other hand, your job also shows you the awful things that can happen to animals and the knowledge that sometimes they’re beyond your help.

Animals depend on you and people do too. You’re usually the first one they both see at the vet’s office, and your smiling face and gentle touch makes puppies and kitties melt, and puts human at ease. You’re a worker of small miracles, day in and day out.

You got into this line of work because you love animals. You love them all, although you probably have your favorites. Here at I Love Apparel, we’ve got tees and hoodies that celebrate every type of critter. It could be that cats really get you right in the heart, or maybe you believe that dogs rule. Maybe you’re particularly fond of pigs, cows, sheep or goats. Whatever your preferred beast is, we've got you covered.

Most people would envy you; you get to work with animals every day. What could possibly be wrong with that? Nothing, of course. On the other hand, they probably wouldn’t envy your long hours and less than stellar pay.

You love your job, but there’s no denying that it can take an emotional toll on you. You have to be nice to customers and clients who can sometimes be difficult, you have to deal with doctors and coworkers who can get snappy when they’re stressed out, and you probably have your own troubles at home. Sometimes you want to just bury your face in a warm bundle of fur and call it a day.

If you have a special vet tech in your life, or if you’re a vet tech with a loving, supportive partner, we’ve got the tees and hoodies for you. Try the one that reads, “Sorry—This Girl is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Vet Tech,” or, “Sorry—This Guy is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Vet Tech.”

At I Love Apparel, we get your love of the furry feathered ones, and we appreciate the tough job you do. Our collection of animal-themed and vet tech-themed tees and hoodies will keep you comfortable and stylish no matter how much hair gets on them.


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