Valentine's Day T-Shirts and Hoodies

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When you’re in love, every day feels like Valentine’s Day. When you’re not in love, you either don’t care about this heart-filled holiday, or you wish Valentine’s Day and everything connected with it would just bury itself in a hole somewhere and die.

No worries, because whatever your feelings about Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the tees and hoodies to express those feelings.

Maybe you love to be in love, and for you we have the perfect tee that simply says, “ Love” with a red heart. It’s perfect if you just have a heart full of love that’s longing to be expressed. Or maybe you like to talk about love with an Italian accent and old songs make you all melty. For you we’ve got the tee or hoodie that reads, “ Amore.” When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie…Yes, that’s amore all right!

What if you’re not really the world’s greatest lover? That’s okay, you deserve a tee, too, and here’s one that proudly announces you’re the “ World’s Okayest Lover.”

If you’re into cuteness you have to grab our wonderful “Cupig” tee that features an adorable pig surrounded by hearts. It’s a play on words, a play on romance and a play on pigs; what could possibly be better than the Cupig? You’re right, nothing.

For that special mathematician in love, or if you love a math person, we recommend our tee or hoodie that says, “I Will Love You Until Pi Runs Out of Decimal Points.” That would be infinity, for you math-challenged lovers.

Tired of everybody going on and on about their partners, most of whom are, to put it mildly, mediocre at best and horrifying at worst? You can’t see what any sane person sees in them, and that’s why you’re proud to sport a tee that says, “Love is Blind.”

We also have tees and hoodies for those of you whose Valentines are a little, shall we say, unusual? Like our tee that notes, “ My Valentine is a Fictional Character” or “Netflix is My Valentine.” Hey, we’re not judging and neither should anybody else. We’ve spent many, many enjoyable nights and holidays with the fictional characters in books and on TV that mean the world to us. We get it.

For the practical ones among you, try our “I Have a Boyfriend/Fridge” or “I Have a Girlfriend/Fridge” tee and hoodie. It lets you show how much you care for the one who’s always there for you, never nags at you about your weight or anything else, and keeps you fed and happy.

At I Love Apparel, we’re all about love. We make tees and hoodies that celebrate the things you love and the things you love to hate. We are sure you will find a Valentine’s-themed tee or hoodie that lights up your life.

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