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Ukulele T-Shirts and Hoodies

When you start strumming that little four-stringed singer, the sounds that come out can carry you away. You think of sunlit days and warm nights strolling on a beach and serenading your honey. Something about this instrument just makes people smile. Look at the way a simple ukulele transformed the song “Over the Rainbow” and turned it into a hit all over again.

That’s the magic of the uke. And that’s why ukuleles make you happy.

People think of the ukulele as strictly a Hawaiian instrument but you know that it was big (so to speak) in the Jazz Age and, like David Hasselhoff, is also huge in Japan. And yeah, it’s a manly instrument, even when girls play it. George Harrison loved the uke. So do Willie Nelson, Holly Hunter, Joni Mitchell and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. Are you going to call him a sissy?

You’re in some mighty fine company there, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a skilled, professional strummer or just the world’s okayest ukulele player, you’ve got your hands on a little music machine that can move people to smiles, tears and laughter. That’s a powerful item you’ve got there. No wonder it was developed from an instrument called the machete. That’s why you’re not afraid to use the uke’s powers for good, and you’re happy to tell people to say aloha to your little friend.

Of course if you’re a uke player you have a softer side; you’re a naturally romantic soul and believe that you should love one woman and several ukuleles. You always take it easy; you’re a uke lover, not a fighter.

When you’re playing your uke you forget all the bad things in your life, just for a few precious moments or hours. You can lose yourself in a tuneful world that doesn’t have deadlines or drama. You feel so relaxed you don’t need booze, pills or anything else. That’s why you often say that you don’t need therapy, you just need to play ukulele. It’s a lot more fun and it’s guaranteed to get you more dates, because everyone knows that a romantic, soulful uke player is the sexiest thing going.

At I Love Apparel, we understand that sometimes you just want to drink beer, play ukulele and take naps. That’s why our uke-inspired tees and hoodies are as soft and easy as the Hawaiian breezes. They’ll make you feel as good as your ukulele does.


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