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TV & Movie T-Shirts and Hoodies

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You’re a movie and TV fanatic who’d rather stay home and watch Netflix than go out and mingle with the world. And who can blame you? On the television and the big screen, you’ve got a world full of fascinating people who keep you entertained for hours. Several worlds, in fact. Out in the so-called real world, what do you have? A bunch of people who smell funny, talk funny and act really weird. Why the heck would you want to be around them?

The movies have much more interesting and funny people in them, which is why we have a tee you can sport that says, “I Love Movies.” It’s that simple. And if people try to argue with you about your excessive love for the silver screen, you have a ready-made list of responses for everything. You’ve got witty comebacks out the wazoo, and they can’t win an argument with you. Let them know that with a tee or hoodie that warns them, “I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes.” Yeah, that will shut them up, briefly at least.

Maybe you’ve realized that even the people in movies can be pretty awful, and that’s a bit of a letdown, until you remember that you can always turn the damn thing off and watch a better one, which isn’t something you can do with most real-life humans. Even so, you do find yourself worrying about the fate of animals in flicks. For you, we’ve got the perfect tee or hoodie that says, “I Don’t Care Who Dies in a Movie, as Long as the Dog Lives.” You know what? We feel exactly the same way.

We know you love your movies, and your TV shows, even if you’re sometimes forced to admit that, “The Book Was Better.” Even so, nothing beats the fun of hanging out in the theater, or your home theater. That’s why our tee or hoodie lets people know that you’re not available: “I Can’t, I Have Plans with Netflix.”

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies that tell the world all about your love of movies, television and binge-watching. You should be comfortable when you’re on the couch, and you will be in our soft cotton tops. You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy looking at many times over


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