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TaeKwonDo T-Shirts and Hoodies

TaeKwanDo. It’s not just a fighting style, it’s a way of life.

You love this martial art because it helps you focus and meditate while it keeps you in shape. It’s not just a sport, it’s a philosophy. You like its focus on self-discipline, perseverance, patience and an invincible spirit. You love what it does for you mentally as much as physically.

You also like the fact that it makes you somebody not to be messed with in the least. Hey, you’re not looking for a fight but if you have to face one you are more than ready, so bring it on.

But maybe the best thing about TaeKwanDo is that it requires a lot of time for training. This isn’t something you just casually toss out on a weekend like a game of basketball or a bike ride. This requires hours of concentration, focus and physical work. That’s why you can get out of any unwanted social engagement with a simple excuse. Just be sure you’re wearing our tee or hoodie that clearly explains, “I Can’t. I Have Practice.”

Practice makes perfect and you’re aiming for perfection. Nobody said it would be easy to master this art, and you’re not looking for something easy. You’re looking for a challenge and a test. You know that “Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat.”

Naturally, that means you don’t have a lot of time for anything else and that’s just fine with you. As far as other people, well, they’re okay but when they start giving you grief about all your dojo and training time, they better step back. Let them know how you feel by wearing a tee or hoodie that tells it like it is: “TaeKwonDo Makes Me Happy; You, Not So Much.”

Maybe your child is the one who’s heavily into this ancient and venerable martial art. If so, you probably love that he or she is learning principles of respect, compassion and fairness while also learning self-defense. Show how proud you are during those belt ceremonies when you wear our tee or hoodie that says you’re glad to be a “TaeKwonDo Mom.”

At I Love Apparel, we appreciate the skill it takes to master TaeKwanDo, and we’re certainly not going to get into an argument with you about this or anything else. We have a great line of TaeKwanDo-themed tees and hoodies. You're sure to find one you get a kick out of.


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