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Surfing T-Shirts and Hoodies

You don't wear a suit or, God forbid, high heels. You live in board shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses. Your favorite designers are named O'Neill and Ron Jon. You're a surf fanatic and you don't care what anybody thinks about it. For you, the surf's always up, even in the dead of winter, because if you're not physically out there on the waves, your heart and mind sure are.

Surfing is addictive, but unlike other addictions, it's actually good for you. Surfing is great exercise and it keeps you fit and strong. It puts you in touch with nature and lets you breathe fresh air. It gets you away from the grind and you get to meet lots of amazing people, namely other surfers.

Maybe your favorite part of surfing is the quest. It could be that the best thing is traveling around from shore to shore, trying to find that perfect wave in the perfect setting. Or it could be the camaraderie you have with other surfers, sharing some tall tales, some surfing tips and a few frosty ones while the waves crash in the background.

But really, the best part of surfing is the fact that you hang out on a beach a lot. Why would you want to go anywhere else? You get to feel the wind in your hair, the cool mist off the sea, the smell of salty air. Gray skies don't matter because when you're s surfer, every day is sunny. It's like our tee and hoodie that say it all: "Live Love Surf." What else is there? You've covered the most important things in any life.

Some people might argue that you need to fill your time with other things, like hard work and buckling down. They might even tell you to spend more time reading, studying or other boring, non-surfing activities. For them, and for you, we have the perfect tee you can wear in response: "Education is Important, but Surfing is Importanter." Hey, the board doesn't care how you spell, does it?

We have a special tee or hoodie just for you surfer girls, too: "Whoever Said Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend Never Owned a Surfboard."

At I Love Apparel, we love your laid-back style and we know you need to be comfortable on the beach or the boardwalk. Our surfer-themed tees will keep you cool in the sun and our hoodies will keep that morning chill off. You'll always look and feel good sporting one of these.


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