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Student Life T-Shirts and Hoodies

There’s nothing like the life of a scholar. It’s all about the dedication to learning, the search for a philosophical answer to life’s deepest questions, and the devotion to intellectual pursuits.

Who are we kidding? Let’s get real. These days, a student’s life is a parade of sleepless, caffeine-fueled nights, crushing boredom, even more crushing debt, and boatloads of cheap alcohol. How anybody survives it is anybody’s guess, but there a lot of you who keep plugging away and getting it done.

We think you deserve a tee or a hoodie for all your hard work and your refusal to give up, even when your parents, your teachers and your plain common sense told you it was hopeless. You kept at it until you graduated. For some of you, graduation is the end, the final step. For others it’s just the completion of one battle before you tackle the next round of schooling. It’s a constant grind of “Eat. Sleep. School. Repeat,” and not much else.

Maybe you’ve earned a tee or hoodie that says, “I Survived High School, Class of 2016” or “I Survived College, Class of 2016.” Some of you really ambitious types might have reached the pinnacle of academic success, the doctorate, and can proudly wear a tee or hoodie that states you are “Phinally Done.”

Whichever milestone you’ve hit, it’s an accomplishment and it deserves a tee and a toast.

Of course, it wasn’t always fun, to put it mildly. You quickly learned that “Four Out of Three People Struggle With Math” but one equation that was easy to figure out was, “Student + Dying= Studying.”

When you longed for sleep, you wished school were like kindergarten, when you got to take naps. You’ll appreciate this tee or hoodie: “Dear Naps, I’m Sorry I Hated You as a Kid.” Yes, you’d give anything to have naptime back again, wouldn’t you?

Of course, your future does look bright now. Soon you’ll be able to wear a tee or hoodie that says, “I’m Broke and I Have the College Degree to Prove It,” or “I Was an Honor Student; I’m Not Sure What Happened.” Now that you’re all done with school, you can look forward to going from broke and exhausted to being…well, broke and exhausted. You know, on second thought, staying in school doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

At I Love Apparel, we think learning is important and admire those who can do it. We have a great collection of student life-themed tees and hoodies that will make the grade for you.


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