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Sports T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Sports, where would we be without them? Spending our Sundays doing miserable things like going to church or visiting relatives, that’s where.

Do you stay up all night waiting for Opening Day? Do you engage in long, detailed discussions of minute statistical sports data? Have you painted the walls of your home, our car, and your face (admit it) in your favorite team’s colors?

We know you’re a diehard sports fan who gets all choked up when you hear the national anthem, not because you’re a patriot (although maybe you love the Patriots?) but because you know that when the song is over, the game begins. You don’t have time to get your house chores done because you have an all-important meeting at the local bar or a date with a 65-inch TV that’s either in your living room or at your best friend’s house.

If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ve come to the right place, because we have tees and hoodies for all the sports you love, and all the ones you don’t. How’s that for variety?

Maybe you’re a hockey fan and you proudly state, “I Puckin Love Hockey.” Or you’re a baseball fan who knows “There’s No Place Like Home.” You might be a person whose heart beats for soccer or volleyball. Maybe you’re a rabid football fan who just wants to tell the world, “Football Makes Me Happy; You, Not so Much,” or a rugby follower who knows that, “It Takes Leather Balls to Play Rugby.”

And yes, we also have tees that declare your allegiance to particular teams.
If your sport is baseball, golf, snowboarding, hunting or surfing, we have tees and hoodies that tell the world what you’d rather be doing or watching. Is bowling your bag? Is fishing your passion? We have a boatload of funny tees for all of those sports.

And we haven’t forgotten those of you who may not participate yourselves, but have kids who do. Check out our tees and hoodies that say, “Don’t Make Me Use My Soccer Mom Voice” or “My Favorite Football Player Calls Me Mom.”

At I Love Apparel, we share your love of sports and we want you to be comfortable whenever you’re cheering your team on. Check out our huge line of sports-themed tees and hoodies and you’re sure to score something great.


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