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Skateboarding T-Shirts and Hoodies

Skateboarding is a great sport. It’s just like surfing, except you get to do it on concrete instead of in the water. It’s also a lot more exciting. You have a much higher chance of smashing your head open, breaking every bone in your body, maiming yourself and winding in up the intensive care unit. No wonder you love it so much.

Skateboarding is a lot better than most of the other things you do. You don’t really enjoy things like school, work, family or responsibilities. You would rather grab your board and head to the skate park or a nearby parking lot. You even use your skateboard for transportation. Why not? On it, you’re a lot faster than most people are on foot or even in their cars. You don’t get held up in traffic, you don’t have to obey the driving lights and you can pick any lane you like.

Sure, you’re not supposed to do all that, but there’s a rebel in every skateboarder. You don’t believe too many rules apply to you unless they’re skateboarding laws, or maybe the laws of physics.

That’s why we’ve got some skateboarding-themed tees and hoodies that will make your day. Whether you’re off to do some skating or just hanging around with your friends, you’ll be right at home in the cool cotton comfort.

If you’re tired of being told that you spend too much time on your half-pipes and not enough hitting the books, you’ll appreciate a tee that says you’re getting all the learning you can handle. Wear a tee or hoodie that says, “Education is Important, but Skateboarding is Importanter,” to let all those annoying people know that you’re just fine. Your board doesn’t care how you spell, and neither do the other skateboarders.

We know nobody else will understand, but that’s okay by you. You don’t need education and you don’t need other people, except for a few chosen ones. Make that clear with a tee or hoodie that says, “All I Care About is Skateboarding and, Like, Maybe Three People.” That should get the point across.

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies that share the love for all kinds of hobbies, games and sports. If you’re a surfer, a golfer or a skateboarder you’re sure to find one that puts a smile on your face. We know you’ll find just the ones you want to take out for a spin.


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