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Singer T-Shirts and Hoodies

You are music, and you make the songs. Oh wait, that was another singer, wasn’t it? Well, you’re just as talented as Barry Manilow and way cooler. After all, you’re the one the band or the opera company can’t do without. Let’s face it, they can find another guitar player, drummer or conductor just by poking their heads out the door, but where are they going to find another singer? You’re carrying this whole thing.

It’s a good thing you’re talented enough to pull it off. If they’re wondering about how they’re going to sound, just tell them, relax, the singer’s here. Everything is going to get right on track now. You’re ready to get out there and show the audience what it means to laugh, cry, and want to dance, sometimes all at once. You’re there to move them. You’re there to show them the wonderful power of song. And you’re there to try to make some money or at least find a date for the weekend. At the end of the night it’s clear what you’re there for; no doubt, this singer needs a beer. The best part? Chances are you’ll be drinking for free.

You’ve tried to explain why you love this stuff so much, but there’s no rhyme or reason for it. All you know is that if you’re not making music, you’re thinking about it. You like to play around with your voice and put it through its paces, up and down the scales, making a beautiful sound. You might be a professional singer whose life is one big musical, or you might be the world’s okayest singer, but either way, you’ve got the music in you. And it’s time to let it out.

Music is a gift that will last your whole life. Your motto is “live, love, sing,” and that’s how you roll. You’re always singing and sometimes you find yourself talking in song lyrics, which probably makes sense since your brain is 75 percent song lyrics.

Did someone say you’re getting too old? Tell them: don’t let the gray hair fool you. You can still sing like a rock star. That’s right, you old fogey. Rock and roll will never die, and as far as you’re concerned, neither will you.

At I Love Apparel, our singer-themed tees and hoodies will let them know you’re the one they’ve been waiting for. Get in tune with your wardrobe and pick the one that’s right for you.


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