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Running T-Shirts and Hoodies

Do you love to run? Or do you just like poking fun at your own refusal to run? Either way, we’ve got the tee or hoodie for you.

Running is great exercise, that’s true. You can’t beat it for its cardio benefits and the way it gets everything pumping. Of course, you could also be running to keep yourself from going completely batshit. You might like our tee that says, “I Run to Burn off the Crazy.” Yeah, that might take a lot of running but it’s preferable to a lot of other things your crazy could make you do. Like our tee says, “Running: Cheaper Than Therapy.”

You might run to make up for some other less-healthy habits; there’s a tee for that too: “I Run Because I Really Love Pizza.” It doesn’t matter why you run, at the end it’s all good and it’s all good for you, so keep it simple with a tee that sums it up: “See You at the Finish Line.”

What about those of you who think running is the equivalent of slow torture? “Running Sucks,” doesn’t it? And you sure hope people don’t confuse the things you do love with the ones you don’t: “Run? No Thanks. I Thought You Said ‘Rum’.” Yeah, you don’t want to get those two mixed up.

And be sure to let them know that you’re up for running if there’s a goal attached to it, like some delicious food. “The Ice Cream Truck is the Only Reason I Run,” will deliver that message loud and clear.

If your favorite kind of running doesn’t involve actual movement, let them know that with our tee that says, “Running Late is My Only Cardio.” Or make a profound statement that nobody can deny: “Dogs Run and Live 15 years. Turtles Do Nothing and Live 150 Years. Lesson Learned.” That’s one lesson we won’t forget, for sure.

If you aren’t a born runner, there’s nothing to feel bad about and you don’t need to change a thing. How could you improve on perfection? You’ll be strutting around in a tee or hoodie that proclaims, “I Would Work Out but I Like This Dad Bod.” You tell’em, Dad.

Whether you live by the slogan “Live Love Run” or you’re the “World’s Okayest Runner,” at I Love Apparel, we make tees and hoodies that will help you relax whether you’re out there sweating or staying safely inside.


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