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Rugby T-Shirts and Hoodies

It’s a man’s game, a real man’s game, a manly man’s game.

Yeah, we know women play it too. That makes you women twice as touch as most men we know.

We don’t know that much about rugby, but we know better than to say one bad thing about it in front of a rugby player. So let’s celebrate all the great things about this great sport.

Ruby is not for sissies. It’s like American football except, oh yeah, it’s a lot tougher. And also you don’t get to play while wrapped up like a little baby in your padded clothes, padded helmet, padded socks and everything else. Nope. When you play rugby, you’re out there in the open. There’s no padding, no coddling, no boo-hooing and absolutely no crying. Unnecessary roughness? Sorry, but in rugby it’s all necessary and there are no penalties for doing what has to be done.

Rugby makes you strong and fast, because if you’re not that way, rugby will get you whipped into shape fast. You need to stay in shape. This is not a sport for people who want to slack off or take it easy. Nothing comes easy in rugby, you have to fight for every inch.

One thing we know for sure, if you’re a rugby player you need to be comfortable whether you’re on the pitch or off. That’s why you’re sure to love one of our tees or hoodies that tell the world you’ve got what it takes to play this game.

Here’s one that either guys or girls can sport: “It Takes Leather Balls to Play Rugby.” Hey, you’re not saying anything false. It really does take a bunch of leather-bound ovals to play rugby. It’s a simple fact: no balls, no game.

Here’s another one that will make your day and make you smile: “I Play Rugby to Pick up Girls (Especially Nurses).” There’s no question that women love a guy (or, hey, a woman) who plays rugby, after all, it means you’re strong, fit and adventurous. Now, granted, a lot of the women you meet are probably wearing scrubs and a concerned expression. You’ve undoubtedly had your share of scrapes, bruises, broken bones, knocked-out teeth and a lot of other incidents requiring a trip to the emergency room or the urgent care clinic. That’s no reason to put a crimp in your love life.

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies that share the joy of every sport, whether it’s football (the sissy kind), soccer (slightly less sissy), volleyball, bowling or any other sport that you enjoy. We are sure you’ll find just the right one for you or that special rugby player in your life.


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