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Rottweiler T-Shirts and Hoodies

Your Rotty is a large, strong, beautiful beast that spends his time trying to guard you and keep you safe. He’s like a big, four-pawed guardian angel. You feel safe around your Rottweiler and you admire his strength and courage. He’s calm and quiet most of the time but very alert to what’s going on.

You’ve definitely noticed that since you let the big lug into your life, things just seem to go better. You’ll certainly agree that, like our tee or hoodie says, “Life is Better with a Rottweiler.”

You love spending time with your glossy-coated companion. Her big dog head holds a big brain and her big teeth tell everyone else that you’ve got a companion who will step into the ring for you. That’s why you’ll feel right at home wearing a tee or hoodie that says, “I Asked God for a True Friend so He Sent Me a Rottweiler.”

Your Rottweiler is your pal, your wingman and your best buddy, and there is no question that, “This Girl Loves Her Rottweiler.”

If you’re somebody that doesn’t always play well with others, you might like wearing a tee or hoodie that warns people, “I Love my Rottweiler More Than I Love People.“ You’re just being honest, especially because other people can be unkind about your choice of dog.

Some people have a bad image of Rottweilers, because they have no idea how loving and intelligent this big dog can be. You know it’s all about the training and the bond you have with that dog. But you're tired of explaining that over and over, so in future you can just pop on a tee that makes your feelings clear, like this one: “Don’t Judge My Rottweiler and I Won’t Judge Your Children.”

Good thing too, because we are pretty sure that in a contest of bravery, self-confidence and intelligence, we’d bet on your Rotty over most people’s kids. If you want to make it clear whose side you’re on, we’ve got a tee or hoodie that sums it up: “All I Care About is My Rottweiler and, Like, Maybe Three People.”

At I Love Apparel, we appreciate the Rottweiler’s loyalty and strength of character. We know you feel the same way and we are sure you’ll find the Rottweiler-themed tee or hoodie that says everything you need to say.


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