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Real Estate Agent T-Shirts and Hoodies

When you decided to go into real estate, people warned you that it was a cutthroat business. What they don't know is that that's exactly what you like about it.

It's all a big competition, a swimming pool filled with sharks, but you'd rather be there than paddling around in a safe, little, lazy river. You like the tough stuff. You like beating them at their own game. And you absolutely love listing a house from a seller that nobody else could nail down.

Yes, it's a tough market out there, although it doesn't seem to be for you. You've got a gift for selling, for getting buyers and sellers to sign on the dotted line and put money in your bank account. You have a Midas touch, turning contracts into gold or, like our tee and hoodie say, "Everything I Touch Turns to SOLD."

There it is, that four-letter word that means everything to you. No, not "love," the other one. Let this tee explain it: "My Favorite Four-Letter Word is Sold."

That's what it's all about and when you wear a tee that says, "This Girl Sells Real Estate," you're not explaining, you're warning. They won't see you coming until you've got your sign on their house and their documents at the settlement table. From the meoment you told them, "Trust Me, I'm a Real Estate Agent," you had them hook, line and sinker. Now they're signing away and thanking you for all your hard work. It was hard, but you loved every minute of it and you can't wait to go again.

Real estate may be your work but it isn't your life. Sure, you spend most nights and weeknd poring over documents or visiting potential clients, but that's only part of what you do. You also have an active social life. If somebody tells you to take a break, you're working too hard, hit them with this tee or hoodie that says your social life is just fine: "I Like to Party, and by Party I Mean Sell Houses."

You have a romantic life too. It's a well-known fact that "Real Men Marry Real Estate Agents," and you do need a real man by your side, because who else is going to carry all those "Open House" signs for you?

At I Love Apparel, we know the game of real estate is a lot more complicated than selling hotels in a Monopoly game. We'll help you get the word out about your stellar selling skills with these real estate-themed tees and hoodies.


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