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Pug T-Shirts and Hoodies

Pugs were bred in China, where they spent long, happy lives as companions to monks and royalty. That’s why your little darling likes nothing better than getting in a lot of belly rubs and some serious nap time. But pugs aren’t only about cuddles and cuteness—not that there would be anything wrong with that.

Pugs have such a great and well-deserved reputation for loyalty that the Freemasons once called themselves the Order of the Pug.

That’s a lot of weight for this little guy to carry, but your pug is more than up for it. He’s a smart and often smart-alecky little devil who’s strong for his size, trustworthy, little of body but strong in spirit, with every good quality of a dog wrapped up in one adorable package.

One look at that wrinkly little face and curly tail and you were a goner. You had to have her and now you’ve come to realize what you were missing all along, because as it turns out, “Life is Better with a Pug.”

You’ve come to rely on your Pug, not just for companionship but for a guide to a lot of other things in life. Pugs have a good instinct about people and they can tell who’s worth passing time with and who’s worth passing up. Let your Pug handle it because the bottom line, as our tee or hoodie say, is that “If My Pug Doesn’t Like You, I Probably Won’t Either.”

To truly express your love for your Pug, we’ve got a tee or hoodie with a “Pug/Love” graphic or one that simply states, “This Girl Loves Her Pug.”

We know you love that little bundle of wrinkles and you’ll work overtime to get him anything his brave little heart desires. You’ll gladly take on more if it means your pup doesn’t want for anything. That’s why we have a tee or hoodie that explains your motivation: “I Work Hard so My Pug Can Have a Better Life.” There are certainly worse reasons to clock that overtime.

Like your happy, good-hearted Pugs, you are all about clean living. Your Pug has kept you sane in times when other people would need drugs or booze to deal with their problems, but you lie by the slogan “Pugs Not Drugs.”

At I Love Apparel, we have clothes that honor the bond between you and all your loved ones, especially the ones with paws and tails. We know you’ll find a Pug-themed tee or hoodie that makes your day.


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