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Poodle T-Shirts and Hoodies

Poodles are exceptionally intelligent, curious, elegant dogs. But you know all that. You also know that your poodle is a born hunter, a natural learner and a pleasant, easygoing dog to be around. He doesn’t take to strangers immediately, but that’s just a sign of good sense. He’ll wait until he knows somebody is worth his time.

Poodles have been around a long time. Originally used as hunters and trackers, they became a favorite of wealthy ladies who treated them like accessories.

Some people still think of Poodles as fluffy little toy dogs who like being treated like dolls. Those people are wrong. As you know, your Poodle is a smart, serene lady who can bring down a pheasant faster than you can blink. It’s no wonder you’re crazy about this dog. That’s why we have a tee or hoodie that will spell it out for the world, letting everyone know that, “This Girl Loves Her Poodle.”

If you’ve got a Poodle in your home, that’s a happy home. Your Poodle likes playing with everyone but isn’t all up in everyone’s face. You just sit back and let this super-smarty join in when she feels like it. Because of their brains and sociable natures, Poodles are great at learning games. Just be careful your pooch doesn’t embarrass you too much by beating you at most of them.

Soon enough you’ll all feel the warmth of Poodle love and you’ll be bound to agree that when it comes to life, “All You Need is Love and a Poodle.”

Like your Poodle, you know that not everyone can be trusted right off the bat. Take a cue from your curly-haired friend and be selective. Then again, maybe we don’t need to tell you that. Maybe you already live by the motto on our tee, namely, “All I Care About is My Poodle and, Like, Maybe Three People.” Now you’re showing the wisdom of the Poodle.

Once you’ve know the calm, steady love of a Poodle there’s no going back. That’s why we know you’ll love our tee that says, “Dogs, not Diamonds, are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

At I Love Apparel, we know that love often comes in on four paws. We know how much your furred one means to you, and we know you’ll find just the right Poodle-themed tee or hoodie that you both will love.


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