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Political T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Are you a political junkie? Do you stay up nights watching the news analyses, and listening to one debate after another? Can you quote polls at the drop of a hat?

If so, we’ve got the tee or hoodie that does the talking for you. Because there’s already a lot of babble out there, isn’t there?

For you Bernie fans, you can pick from a straightforward “Bernie Sanders for President 2016” or you can commemorate one of the campaign’s most poignant moments with our Bernie “Birdie” tee or hoodie. Either one will do if you’re a true fan who still likes to “Feel the Bern.”

If your favorite candidate is another Sanders, try our “Colonel Sanders for President” tee or hoodie. Or make a play on Bernie’s name with a tee that prominently features that other “Bernie,” the dynamic duo of Bert and Ernie. That will make them smile, and comedy is often in short supply when political temperatures start to rise.

Stumping for Trump? We’ve got a “Trump for President 2016” tee or a hoodie that delivers the news: “President Obama, You’re Fired; Trump for President.” Get the vote out for the Donald by declaring, "Trump the Vote."

If you’re a fan of Hillary Clinton you’ll like our “Hillary Clinton for President 2016” or “Clinton-Kaine 2016” tees.

We’ve also got tees if you’re rooting against somebody. Deliver the worst insult possible to one of the contenders by announcing that “Trump Likes Nickelback.” That’s pretty brutal. You might want to throw a little fun in the mix, like wearing a tee that says, “I Was Anti-Hillary Before It Was Cool,” or “Liar, Liar! Pantsuit on Fire!

If you’re so fed up with the whole thing that you can’t muster support for anyone, you’ll like these tees or hoodies: “Election 2016: Let Me Know When it’s Over” or “Everybody Sucks 2016.”

We’ve got tees and hoodies that express your support for third parties and independent candidates too, and one that says you’d prefer an imaginary team to the real ones currently on offer: “Scully Mulder 2016.” We also have a tee you can customize with your favorite candidate's name.

In this heated political season, you need a tee or hoodie that will keep you feeling good while you’re standing in line to vote, cheering your favorite politician, or doing a ballot recount. At I Love Apparel, we don’t take sides. We just say, "I Don't Care Which Bathroom You Use, as Long as You Wash Your Hands!"


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