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Pig T-Shirts and Hoodies

They’re round, snub-nosed and have little pointy ears and curly tails. They’re so cute they make your head spin. They’re pigs, of course, and if you love them, you’re in luck because we’ve got tees and hoodies that tell the world all about your porker love. You're sure to find the one that warms you down to your hooves.

The way you see it, pigs are supreme and that’s all there is to say about that. You can make that clear with a tee or hoodie that states, “Pigs Make Me Happy,” because you’d just be telling it like it is. Given your druthers, you’d prefer to spend time with your piggies than with anyone or anything else. For you, we’ve got the perfect tee or hoodie: “All I Want to Do Is Drink Wine, Pet My Pigs, and Take Naps.” Why on earth would you want to do anything else? What else is there in life? And hey, it’s not drinking alone if the pig is there, right?

You love pigs. You think of them as your children, which is why you’re the “Pig Mom.” In fact, you know that your smart, handsome, well-behaved pigs are better than most people's actual children. You like everything about them, and you don’t care what anyone thinks of it. After all, like our tee says, “Either You Like Pigs, or You’re Wrong.”

If your pig is your Valentine, you definitely don’t want to overlook our adorable and punny “Cupig” tee featuring a cute little pig with angel wings and sparkling hearts. It’s the perfect tee to celebrate love or pigs and you’ll be the hit of any Valentine’s party, even if the only ones there are you and your favorite little oinker. Your heart will be all fluttery when you sport this tee and show where your heart is. You can also do the same with our “Pig/Heartbeat” tee.

At I Love Apparel, we don’t care what kind of animal you love, whether it's cats, cows, dogs, sheep or cows. We have tees and hoodies for them all.

If you love pigs you are sure to find a pig-themed tee or hoodie that will stand out in any barnyard and keep you comfortable when you’re playing with your pigs. They also make great gifts for anyone you know who’s a pig-hearted person.


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