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Piano T-Shirts and Hoodies

You’re the piano man. Maybe you’re the piano woman. Either way, we know what you really are: a playa.

It’s not that you think you’re better than other musicians. Except you are. The piano has lasted centuries as the centerpiece of most musical composition for a reason. Its deep, gorgeous tone can move easily into and out of any genre. It’s just as comfortable with pop and country as it is with classical music. It’s versatile and can sing anything. That’s why no concert is complete until the orchestra can look up and say, with relief, “Relax—the piano player’s here.” If music is a party, that party isn’t getting started until you walk in and see the grand one. Got piano? You better, or there won’t be any party.

A piano isn’t some toy instrument you can sling over your shoulder or toss into a bag. This is a serious instrument that isn’t easy to move. Like love, it requires a full commitment and if you’re in deep, you’re not going anywhere. That’s why you know that in life, all you need is love and a piano.

The piano is known as the king of all musical instruments, which is why so much great music has been written for it. You can find hours of joy listening to it, playing it, and admiring the ways different pianists have worked with the same compositions. Or you can channel Jerry Lee Lewis and let it rip across the keyboard. Speaking of the Killer, it’s no surprise that the first man inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a piano player. Naturally.

You love piano and who can blame you? When life seems to hand you one sour lemon after another, you’ve got the cure for your blues. You sit down at your piano and let your fingers take you to a beautiful recital hall in your head. You’re jamming with Alicia Dellarocha, Glenn Gould, Beethoven, Nat King Cole and Dave Bruebeck. Not to mention Elton John and Carole King. It’s a sparkling world that makes you forget the humdrum grind. Yeah, it’s true: for you, life without piano would be flat.

They say Mozart looked at a piano for the first time and immediately knew how to play it. If you’re that good, you deserve the title Lord of the Keys, because clearly you’ve got all the power. But the piano is there for anyone to play. You can enjoy it even if you’re just the world’s okayest piano player.

At I Love Apparel, we know that life without music would be a big mistake. We have tees and hoodies that show your love for music and for your piano. Try one today and you’ll be looking sharp.


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