Pi Day T-Shirts and Hoodies

You’re getting ready for Pi day and so are we. Of course, we got confused and thought it was “pie day” and have spent days baking cherry pies, pecan pies, sweet potato pies and lemon meringues. It’s going to keep us full and happy as we try to figure out why a mathematical symbol gets its own holiday, but we’re willing to go along with it. In fact, we have an amazing selection of tees and hoodies that say you love that kind of pi the way we love this kind of pie.

Pi is one of those concepts that everybody kind of knows about, and knows is important, but couldn’t for the life of them tell you what it is exactly. We fall into that category. But you might be different. You are probably among the super-smart, brainy math or physics types who actually gets the whole thing and realizes what a truly marvelous thing Pi is. We get it, you’re smart.

And we can prove you’re really smart because you came here to find just the right Pi tee or hoodie. We have a great selection and any one of them is sure to be the hit of your next Pi day. To start with, here’s one that simply says, “ I Love Pi” because sometimes the most complicated things—like love and Pi—are best dealt with in simple terms.

We also have tees that use wordplay and puns, so you can get a dose of humor with your Pi. Check out the one that says, “I’m a Pi-rate,” complete with a cute pirate graphic. We also have “Cherry Pi,” “ Apple Pi,” and just because we couldn’t resist, “Cow Pi.”

Fearing that your Pi Day party will get a little out of hand? Be the center of calm by wearing a tee or hoodie that reads, “ Keep Calm There’s Pi.” And if they really need to settle down, you can always bribe them with dessert: “Keep Calm, There’s Pie.”

If you’re thinking Pi Day is the perfect day to express your love, try our tee that says, “I Will Love You Until Pi Runs Out of Decimal Places.” That’s a sentiment that’s sure to warm the heart of your beloved. It’s also a great gift idea for that special Pi-lover in your life.

At I Love Apparel, we think everything that people love should have its own special day. That’s why we’ve put together this fabulous collection of Pi-themed tees and hoodies even though we are still not clear on the whole Pi thing. But we are clear on the pie thing, and we intend to keep eating it because “Pie is Always a Good Idea.”
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