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Pet T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Pets bring us joy in many ways, and that’s why we’ve got a whole line of tees and hoodies that tell the world all about the special furred and feathered friends that have made your life complete. Check out our tee that says, “Love is a Four-Legged Word.” That covers a lot of animals and a lot of truth.

So does our tee that says, “Some of My Best Friends Never Say a Word.” Animals don’t need language to communicate with us, and frankly, most of us get more communication than we want from other humans. With animals, you can just relax and enjoy the silence.

If you’re a dog lover, you know that the day you brought your pooch home is the day you found a friend for life. You might have a mutt or a rescue dog, which we salute with two paws up, and offer you a tee that says, “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” Or take a tip from a movie title and wear a tee that announces, “Must Love Dogs.” Because anyone who want to get close to you, must indeed.

Cat lovers will also find many tees that tell it straight about their feline friends. We have tees that announce, “If You Don’t Like Cats, You Don’t Like Me,” or “Cats are a Privilege, Not a Right.”

If you love goats—and who doesn’t?—we have tees that declare you’re the “Goat Mom” and “I Love Goats,” because why shouldn’t you declare your love for these sweet, loving beasts? We also have tees that say you’re over the moon for your sheep, or your pigs, because as the tee says, “Either You Like Pigs, or You’re Wrong.” Seems pretty simple to us.

For a cute, animal-themed take on Valentine’s Day, check out our adorable “Cupig” tee, or sport one that says “My Cat is My Valentine.”

If you love cows, yes, we’ve got a tee for that, too: “Cows Make Me Happy; You, Not So Much.”

We have tees and hoodies for horse lovers. Try a tee that says, “All You Need is Love and a Horse,” or give your favorite horse-loving relative a tee or hoodie that reads, “All Grandmas are Created Equal, but Only Amazing Grandmas Ride Horses.”

We also have tees and hoodies that say your love of animals extends to them all: “Animals Belong in Pastures, Not on Plates.”

At I Love Apparel, we know nothing can match the love of a pet. We have so many pet-themed tees and hoodies, we know you’ll find one that makes you feel cozy inside and out.


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