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Personal Trainer T-Shirts and Hoodies

You became a personal trainer because you wanted to help people reach their full potential. It’s a great career and you’re just the person for it. You’re a combination guide, counselor, coach and teacher. You work your clients hard, but you work yourself even harder.

One good thing about this job? You get to see results every day. You wear your “Personal Trainer” tee with pride because you know you’re making people better in every way, and they couldn’t make it through one more rep or that last circuit without you cheering them on. You know what you’re doing, so you’re entitled to wear a tee or hoodie that says, “Trust Me; I’m a Personal Trainer.”

They do trust you, because look at you. You’re a butt-kicking, no-prisoners-taking, genuine hardass. You scare people sometimes—until they get to know you. You’re a good person, after all you’re in this job, but nobody should mistake your laid-back manner and your patience for weakness. If they do, remind them with a tee or hoodie that reads, “Don’t Mess with This Personal Trainer, I Get Paid to Make People Sore.”

Another good thing about your job? You get to work in a gym. And there’s no better place to be. The gym is where the magic happens. You know that, we all know it. Like our tee says, “Good Things Come to Those Who Weight,” or “Sore Today. Strong Tomorrow.” Yeah, it’s that simple. It’s an easy choice, right? So is this: “Go Hard or Go Home.”

You don’t accept excuses from your clients and you don’t give any out yourself. You’re committed to your own health and fitness, and it shows. Why shouldn’t you be proud? Show it off with a tee or hoodie that announces “Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out,” or better yet, “No, I’m Not on Steroids, but Thanks for Asking.”

That you’re in great shape goes without saying. But we’re saying it anyway, and so are you, in our tee that says, “I Hate Being Sexy, but I’m a Personal Trainer, So I Can’t Help It.”

Your chosen career is all about looking good and feeling great. At I Love Apparel, our personal trainer-themed tees and hoodies are all about the same thing. We make comfortable cotton tees that will be just right at the gym or on the street. Wear them to work out or just hang out. You’re sure to find one that gives you a lift.


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