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Music T-Shirts and Hoodies

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You’ve got the music in you—and now it can be on you, too, when you’re sporting one of our comfortable, all-cotton tees and hoodies.

If you’re a musician of any kind, you usually let your instrument do the talking for you. You don’t feel the need for a lot of talk. You might be a solitary type who prefers the company of great music to, well, just about anybody. In that case you can head off any unnecessary chit-chat with a tee that tells them, “Drums Make Me Happy; You, Not so Much,” or “All I Care About is my Guitar and, Like, Three Other People.”

You probably have even less time for anyone who suggests that a little check up from the neck up might be in order. Why, because you have “GAS: Guitar Acquisition Syndrome” or some other mental mess going on? Tell them to back off. Wear a tee that says your mental health is just fine, for instance, “I Don’t Need Therapy, I Just Need to Play My Accordion.” We have therapy shirts for those of you who play the banjo, ukulele, drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar, flute or any other instrument you can think of.

Maybe you’re a musician who’s, shall we say, of a certain age. Let them know that rock and roll will never die in your soul with a tee that proclaims, “Don’t Let the Gray Hair Fool You, I Can Still Sing Like a Rock Star,” or “Never Underestimate an Old Lady With a Guitar.”

Like a little pun in your musical fun? Try a tee that says “Life Without Bass Would be Nothing but Treble,” or one that declares “Life Without Piano Would be Flat.” You could also be a ukulele, banjo or violin lover who’s so good you’re the “Lord of the Strings.”

How about a take on those famous “keep calm” posters and tees? Tell them your nerves are just fine with a tee that reads “I Can’t Keep Calm; I’m a Drummer” or “I Always Keep Calm; I’m a Bass Player.”

If you’re not a musician yourself but happen to have one in your life, we’ve got you covered too. Try a tee or hoodie that announces they can’t have you because your heart belongs to a hot musician. We’ve got “Sorry, This Girl’s Already Taken by a Sexy Drummer” and “I Love my Guitar Player,” and many others.

Whatever type of music (or musician) you love, at I Love Apparel, we think you should always feel comfortable expressing yourself. We have enough music-themed tees and hoodies to outfit an orchestra and we’re sure you’ll find one that’s in tune with your feelings.


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