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Military T-Shirts and Hoodies

Everyone talks about supporting the troops, but you do it every day. Whether you’re a “Proud Marine Husband” or “Proud Coast Guard Wife,” you show your support every day.

When you signed up for this tour, you might not have known quite what you were getting into, but you knew you wanted to be with this man or woman forever, and you knew you’d take whatever came down. And that included whatever orders came down. You don’t get much say in where you go, but you do get to say that you’re standing by your military man or woman.

You know they couldn’t do their tough job if you didn’t have their back. They’re out there fighting for all of us and usually it’s great, but sometimes, on the bad days, they start to wonder what in heck they got into. It’s an up-and-down life and you’re their only steady rock. You’re glad to be that and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
For you, we’ve got tees and hoodies that make it clear where you stand. You’re a “Proud Marine Wife” or a “Proud Coast Guard Husband.”

We also have tees and hoodies that show you’re standing behind all our troops, like “Support Our Troops,” and “Not All Superheroes Wear Capes; Mine Wear Dog Tags.”

Maybe it’s your son or daughter that’s put that glow in your heart. You know you had a lot of mixed emotions when they chose to enlist. You knew they might be making the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and naturally you admired them for it, but you also worried. What sacrifice might you have to make? That’s why it fills your heart with love and your eyes with tears, seeing the fine young man or woman you raised, looking every inch the soldier in that uniform.

For you, we’ve got a whole collection of tees and hoodies that refer to every branch of the military. We’ve got you covered if you’re a “Proud Navy Dad,” a “Proud Marine Mom,” or a “Proud Air Force Mom.” We’ve even got tees for your family members who are a little longer in the tooth, like the one that says, “Only the Best Marines Get Promoted to Grandpa.”

It’s not always easy being in a military family. But it is always easy to find a tee or hoodie that shows off your pride in your loved one and in our troops. At I Love Apparel, we make tees for everything and everyone you love. You are sure to find a military-themed one that that will put you at ease.


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