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Mechanic T-Shirts And Hoodies

Getting good and greasy is your favorite thing. You’re a mechanic and there’s nothing you love more than tinkering around with an engine and making it purr. People think you’re a miracle worker and in some ways you are. To them, a car is just a heap of expensive metal they need to get around in, in and when it doesn’t work, they’re totally confused. To you, it’s a beautiful puzzle and you know where all the pieces go.

You might be a grownup but you never outgrew your childhood fascination with cars. Now you’re able to be around them all the time. It’s a childhood dream come true. We know you’ll like our tee or hoodie that says, “I Still Play with Cars.” You’re lucky because, for you, work is just like play.

You might also like our tee that reads, “I Still Play with Blocks.”

You might be a professional or a happy amateur. You might be a car mechanic, a plane mechanic, a bus mechanic or a truck mechanic. There are as many different kinds as there are machines that break down. That’s why we need you, and have total respect for what you do.

You’re handy to have around and that’s probably why you get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. They might tease you about your Goodwrench tendencies but they also know that to do your job, you’ve got to be patient and great with your hands. That’s why it’s perfectly okay for you to wear a tee or hoodie that tells everyone that you’re the “World’s Sexiest Mechanic.”

You can fix almost anything and if you can’t, you’ll keep working at it until one of you gives in. You like a challenge and you certainly don’t have a problem getting your hands dirty. In fact, you love it. But there is one thing that even your skills can’t help. For you, we’ve got a reminder that even you have your limits. After all, like our tee says, “I May be a Mechanic, but Even I Can’t Fix Stupid.” It’s always good to know your limitations.

At I Love Apparel, we think mechanics are the unsung heroes of the world, who keep things running and get us where we’re going. Without you we’d be lost. Whether you’re a mechanic yourself or just have a special gearhead in your life, you’re sure to find a mechanic-themed tee that’s just your speed.


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