May The 4th T-Shirts and Hoodies

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If you’re a Star Wars junkie, nobody needs to tell you how important a day May the Fourth is. In your calendar, it outranks Christmas, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July and your wedding anniversary. You mark it with big glittery stars on your wall calendar and your boss already knows it’s a day you need off every year. You don’t care who calls you a nerd or a geek. You’re proud to wear that label.

You’ll also be proud to wear one of our May the Fourth tees or hoodies. Now you can let the world know that this is the greatest day of the year. You can already hear the music of the “Star Wars” theme building in your head. You’ve been practicing your Yoda impersonation all year and you know you’ll win the contest this time. You’ve spent nights and weekends perfecting your R2D2 costume and even thought about not shaving to get a really authentic Chewbacca look going. Sadly, your job and your wife put the stop to that idea. But it would have been awesome, we agree.

For you diehard fans of the Empire, we have tees and hoodies that share that special blessing of the day, like this one: “ May the Fourth be With You.” We also have one that plays on an actual church blessing: “May the Force be With You, and Also With You.” Be sure to spread the force this Sunday!

Make a play on the famous Darth Vader line by wearing a tee or hoodie that reads, “I am Your Father” or “I am Your Mother.” Get the whole family in on the act by giving your kids tees that play along with slogans like “ The Force is Strong with This One,” or “The Sass is Strong with This One.”

If wordplay makes you laugh, you're in luck. You might like one that says, "I Like Big Buns and I Cannot Lie,” with a picture of Princess Leia and her famous braided buns. Or check out the one that shows Han Solo in a sombrero and reads, “ Juan Solo.”

May the Fourth is an important holiday and you shouldn’t let anyone interfere with your enjoyment of it. Show them you’re a true fan by wearing one of our Star Wars-themed tees or hoodies on this day and every day, and “May the Mass Times Acceleration be With You.”
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