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Massage Therapist T-Shirts and Hoodies

As a massage therapist, your job is to take some of the stress out of people’s lives and make the world a calmer and happier place. So it seems a little tough that you’re also subjected to silly jokes about your profession, not to mention long hours of dealing with tough clients that leave you as stressed-out as they are.

But you keep on keeping on, using your talents to make a real difference in people’s lives, health and happiness. That’s why we’ve got a great lineup of massage-themed tees and hoodies. We think you deserve to show your pride in your job and even brag a little.

In this hectic word, we could all use a soothing touch; that’s why our tee or hoodie that reads, “If You Can’t Keep Calm, Get a Massage” is just right for spreading the word. If you like wordplay, you’ll like “You Need Me to Knead You,” or “I’ve Got Your Back,” because you’ve got everyone’s back, for sure.

Massage is hard work that brings amazing results, so the perfect tee or hoodie for you might be, ‘I’m a Massage Therapist; What’s Your Superpower?” or “I’m not Superwoman but I’m a Massage Therapist So, Close Enough.”

Maybe you’re a “Massage Therapist Powered by Coffee,” who relies on the magic brew to get through yet another round of kneading and soothing. Maybe you’re also a parent who’s racing from the massage table to the kitchen table with varying stops in between. You’re a “Massage Therapist by Day, Super Mom by Night,” and you love every crazy moment of it. Well, maybe not every single one, especially on those days when you feel like you “Majored in Massage Therapy, Minored in Laundry .“

You might live by the motto “Live Love Massage,” which sums up life pretty well in our view. Speaking of love, it's clear you get a lot of it, because like our tee says, “I Hate Being Sexy but I’m a Massage Therapist, So I Can’t Help It.” It must be true, which is why we also make tees that celebrate that special person in your life: “Real Men Marry Massage Therapists.” That's a fact and if you’ve got one, they’ll be happy to wear this tee.

If your significant other is a massage therapist, you can show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication by wearing a tee or hoodie that says your honey is not available. Try one that reads, “Sorry, Guy Taken by a Smart and Sexy Massage Therapist,” or “Sorry, Girl Taken by a Smart and Sexy Massage Therapist.”

At I Love Apparel, we love massages and we think massage therapists deserve to wear a great-looking, comfortable tee or hoodie. Check out our collection and find the one that lights your candle.


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