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Lifestyle T-Shirts and Hoodies

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What state is your heart in? We’re not talking about your health, we’re asking what state you carry in your heart, whether you live there or not. If you’d rather be in Louisiana, Florida, Texas or even British Columbia try one of our “My Heart Is In…” tees or hoodies. You can also remember why you’re glad you may have left one of those places behind with a tee that says, “It’s Always Raining in Seattle” or “it’s Always Raining in Portland.”

What’s going on in your life? If you’ve got hobbies or pastimes, share them on a shirt. Try one that says, “My Beard Just Started Growing a Beard” or “Be Nice to Me, My Wife is Pregnant.” Tell everyone that you’re a “Honeymooner” or announce that you’re a proud “Eh Team Member.”

Have you left the world of work behind? It’s your time to shine, and more important, to brag. You will enjoy rubbing your relaxed state in the faces of all those uptight drones who are still slaving away. Do it with a tee or hoodie that reads, “I Don’t Always Enjoy Being Retired…Oh Wait, Yes I Do.” That will get them. So will this one: “Warning: I’m Retired. I Know Everything and Have Plenty of Time to Talk About It.”

At I Love Apparel, you’ll find a great variety of tees and hoodies that highlight every side of your rich, fun-filled and multifaceted life. Your only problem will be picking just one, so go ahead and pick a bunch.


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