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Jiu Jitsu T-Shirts and Hoodies

You’re fast, tough and not about to take anything from anyone. That’s why you love jiu jitsu. It’s a game, it’s a sport, it’s a discipline, and it’s a whole way of life. It forces you to think before you move, in a split second, and deal with whatever comes your way.

The great thing about jiu jitsu is you don’t need to be the biggest one on the block to be a fearless fighter. You don’t have to be big or weigh a lot because you get to use your opponent’s strength and weight against them—how cool is that? You use smarts and kicks to get your edge. It’s a martial art that anybody can enjoy and anyone can be good at.

But why are we telling you? You already know all that, which is why you seem to spend most of your free time at a gym these days. Not that you mind. But you might discover that other people aren’t all that understanding about your chosen obsession, we mean hobby. You might find that your friends and family members keep trying to get you to do other things. Meaningless, boring, time-wasting things that are not jiu jitsu. Well, we’ve got the tee or hoodie for that. Just pop it on and tell them, “I Can’t; I Have Jiu Jitsu.” It’s the perfect excuse every time.

You might be in need of our tee or hoodie that lists your daily schedule, just so people know what you’re up to all the time: “Eat. Sleep. Jiu Jitsu. Repeat.” They’ll know you just don’t have time to fit anything else in. You barely have a life as it is.

That's all right because you’re happiest when you’re practicing your swings, rolls and kicks. In fact, you’re starting to like jiu jitsu more than you like most people, especially when those people start giving you a hard time about your priorities. For those times, you’ll appreciate the brutal honesty of a tee or hoodie that says, “Jiu Jitsu Makes Me Happy; You Not so Much.” Wear it to let them know you’re just turning their negativity against them.

Jiu jitsu keeps you focused, with a clear mental attitude, so you won’t get annoyed by them, or anything else. You’re always in a good mood when you’re doing it, and that mood lasts for hours. You can express that good felling any time with our tee that says, “Keep Calm and Practice Jiu Jitsu.” It’s a good reminder when life starts to get on your nerves.

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies for every sport and every sport fanatic. You’re sure to find a jiu jitsu-themed one that you’ll love to wear.


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