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Information Technology T-Shirts and Hoodies

Computers and IT, that’s your thing. Whether you’re a programmer, a systems engineer or a developer, you’re the one right down in the trenches and the wires. You don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty because you’ll do what it takes. Of course, they’re not going to get that dirty because, hey, these are computers, they’re not old Chevys. And you’re not a mechanic, you’re something else entirely. A wizard maybe?

When it comes to computers, you’re the one everybody turns to. You’re like a one-man or one-woman help desk, and people look at you in awe for fixing the simplest things. You’re the one with the secret knowledge that makes us all just bow and say we’re not worthy. Oh, and thank you for making our laptops work again!

What’s odd is that you seem to issue the same advice no matter what the problem is. It seems there is a simple procedure that everyone seems to forget. So to help them out, we’ve got a tee or hoodie that asks, “Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again?” Wear this one and you’ll never have to answer another dumb question about some silly OE (operator error).

Then again, you might, as most of us are admittedly pretty dumb about this stuff. So we’ve got another one that spells it out a little more slowly: “How to Fix a Computer: Start. Turn it Off. Turn it On Again.”

Got it? Probably not, but nobody can fault you for not trying.

Your work doesn’t get you outside too much, and that’s just the way you like it. The great outdoors is fine for the occasional glimpse at nature, say from a park bench or a golf course, but it’s not where you want to spend a lot of time. You prefer a nice cool interior. It’s like our tee says, “I am What You Would Call Indoorsy.”

That doesn’t mean you don’t have a wild side, or a love of risk-taking. On the contrary, you like to live dangerously. Just like our tee or hoodie states, “Life’s Too Short to Remove a USB Safely.” Yes, you have to live on the edge sometimes.

Still, you’re mostly a solid, reliable type and that’s a big part of your charm. When you can wear a tee that says, “Relax, the Engineer’s Here,” people really do relax. They know you’re going to fix it, no matter how dire the situation seems right now.

At I Love Apparel, we have a great variety of IT- and computer-themed tees and hoodies that will help you get through your busy day in style. One of them is sure to be right for you.


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