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Hunting T-Shirts and Hoodies

You love game—yeah, that’s game, not games or gaming. You like chasing your food. Hunting it down, bringing it down, whatever your weapon of choice, there is nothing better than being out there in the wild chasing something wild.

We’ve got you covered with our tees and hoodies. You can make a straightforward statement with our tee that reads, “Life is Better When I’m Hunting.” Because it is, right? You live for the weekends and the vacations when you can spend more time hunting. Like we say, “If I’m Not Hunting, I’m Thinking About It.” And that’s a lot of thinking, because let’s be honest, that’s where 90 percent of your thinking goes. You might even be in line for our tee that reads, “I Have OHD (Obsessive Hunting Disorder).”

Nothing wrong with that. You’re just stating the facts. And the fact is, you like all kinds of game, although you have your favorites. Maybe you’re an “Elkaholic” or maybe your motto is, “I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie.”

There’s another good thing about hunting. It provides you with a big tangible benefit, namely food. You might like to remind people of that with our “I Love Fast Food” tee or one that says, “I Love Animals: They Taste Delicious.”

Some people think of hunting as a manly sport, but we know there are a lot of women out there who are fanatics for it too. As you know and as our tee states, “Some Girls Play With Dolls; Real Women Hunt.” And men or women will find their true feelings expressed in one that reads, “I Hate Being Sexy But I’m a Bowhunter, I Can’t Help It.”

Hunting teaches you to be patient, to wait for the game to show, to take your shot carefully and not be in a hurry. That’s why it’s true that, as our tee says, “Hunting is Relaxing Like Yoga, Except I Get to Kill Something.”

It’s no wonder you feel that, “For Some, Hunting is a Hobby; for Me It’s a Passion.” Maybe you like to mix your hunting with another favorite hobby, and for you we’ve got the tee that spells it out: “I’m Just Another Beer Drinker With a Hunting Problem.”

Whether you were “Born to Hunt; Forced to Work” or you’re the “World’s Okayest Hunter,” At I Love Apparel, we make tees and hoodies that will help you relax when you’re out on the water or in your blind. Take a shot at one today.


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