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Holiday T-Shirts and Hoodies

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It’s the holidays again—yes, already! And you just finished taking the tree down from last Christmas! Oh well, call it a Spring Celebration tree or something and move on. It’s time to fire up the mistletoe and the Hanukah candles, drag out the roasting pans and the slow cooker and go directly into “Feast Mode.” That’s right, it’s the time of year when the air is cold and the eating is good.

Do you love the holidays? Celebrate your happy Christmas spirit with a tee that features a sprig of holly and reads, “This Girl Loves Christmas” or “This Guy Loves Christmas.” Yes, it’s sweet and sentimental, but if you can’t be tender and sweet during the holidays, when can you be? We love your unabashed joy and your refusal to let the Grinches steal your Christmas spirit.

We also have an adorable tee that will get you into full elf mode, just in time to be Santa’s little helper. It features two ridiculously cute elves wearing long caps and declaring, “We Elves Try to Stick to the Four Main Food Groups: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn and Syrup.” Okay, just dare to try saying you don’t want that on a tee or hoodie! Because we don’t believe you.

If candy doesn’t cut it for you, we’ve also got a tee that says you’re all about “Holiday Cheer and Beer.” You’ll enjoy wearing that to any seasonal gathering, but only if they’re serving beer there. Otherwise you won’t enjoy it at all.

And yes, we know Christmas isn’t the only holiday that people celebrate. That’s why we have a tee that says, “This Guy Loves Halloween.” Put that on and you could have an instant costume! Hey, it has a picture of a skeleton on it.

For you football fans, we know that’s what the holidays mean to you, so we’ve got a great line of sports-themed “Ugly Christmas Sweater” tees and hoodies. They feature the traditional ugly snowflake pattern and rows of little football jerseys (we know, right?) and we make them for Dallas, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and many other teams. These will be a total hit at any “ugly sweater” parties you attend, and you won’t be stuck wearing a monstrous sweater all night. Instead you’ll be comfy and cool in our tee, or cozy and warm in our hoodie.

At I Love Apparel, we love the holidays and love celebrating with our friends, families, loved ones and you, our customers. Our tees and hoodies also make great gifts, so buy one for yourself and one for everybody on your list.


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