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Halloween T-Shirts and Hoodies

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It’s spooky, it’s scary. It’s that shivery, wonderful time of year we call Halloween. It’s time to wear a costume, eat some pumpkin and head out for a night of ghostly fun.

You say you don’t do costumes? Well, we have a tee for that, but hold your horses because with our collection, you can have a great costume that slips on in just seconds and feels as comfortable as, well, as a soft cotton tee or hoodie.

Try one that plays on a band name, like “Nickelback” that features a giant nickel on the back, or “Maroon 5” that shows the number 5 in, you guessed it, maroon color. Maybe a super-punny one like “Go, Ceiling, Go!” You’re a ceiling fan, get it? Or get to the point with one that says, “I’m Here for the Boos,” featuring a ghost with a beer mug.

Some people, and we’re among them, just unabashedly love Halloween the way other people love Christmas or New Year’s Eve. If it’s your favorite holiday, too, go ahead and let your love fly by wearing a tee that says you’re not ashamed of how you feel. “This Girl Loves Halloween” or “This Guy Loves Halloween” both feature a cute skeleton graphic in the classic Halloween colors of black, orange and white.

Speaking of cute, you can’t go wrong with a costume tee that features an adorable little sheet ghost and the plea, “I’m a Ghost; Act Scared.” That’s one to melt even the hardest Halloween heart. We also like the cute witch flying on a broomstick with the slogan, “Frequent Flyer.”

Get your attitude on when you don a tee or hoodie that says you’re “Straight Outta Halloweentown,” and take that strut for a stroll when you go trick-or-treating. A tee that says, “Witch Better Have My Candy” lets them know you’re serious and if they don’t like it, tell them, “Witch, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

If you love Halloween, you’re sure to find the perfect tee or hoodie in our collection. Go for a classic “Trick or Treat” tee with smiling jack-o-lanterns and ghosts, or try a modern take with “What’s Up, My Witches?” Whatever mood you’re in for Halloween, you’re sure to find the right one here.

At I Love Apparel, we happen to love Halloween, because it usually goes along with things like candy, pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin coffee and scary movies on TV. We don’t ask for much else, and if you can enjoy it all in one of our cool, Halloween-themed tees or hoodies, we say you’ve got it made. Treat yourself to one and be the hit of your Halloween party.


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