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Gymnastics T-Shirts and Hoodies

Gymnastics may be known for its gracefulness but it takes a lot of muscle to make those beautiful moves. And to be a gymnast takes a ton of self-discipline. You have to be nimble, light and strong while making it look like you’re just flitting through the air. You have to make it look easy while you’re working your butt (and your legs and your arms) off.

It’s the closest that a sport gets to dancing. And you love the way it makes you feel, even when your feet are sore and your muscles are aching. You’re never satisfied, always reaching to make that one turn or flip perfect. You aim for a 10 every time and it shows in your dedication. Gymnastics is where your heart is and the balance beam is your happy place.

There’s a reason gymnastics captures the most attention of almost any sport in the Olympics, because whether it’s men or women, you get to see the amazing things a human body can do. That’s why so many names are remembered decades later, and why people are riveted to watching it.

Gymnasts are also proof that you don’t have to be big or tall to be an athlete. In gymnastics, you want to be small and light. You’re lifting your weight, flipping it over and tossing it into the air. Yeah, small is a lot better here.

You love the way gymnastics helps you drop all your troubles while you’re doing it. You can let everything go as you focus on perfecting your dismount or your wolf jump. You don’t need to think about anything else. It’s just you and the mat and the beams.

If you’re the mother of a gymnast, you know all about hard work and self-discipline yourself. You’re the one who’s driving around from practice session to tournament, staying up nights worrying, cheering your gymnast on and lifting his or her spirits when they start to fail. You’re a cheerleader, a coach and a travel companion. That’s why we’ve got a tee or hoodie you can wear with pride: “My Favorite Gymnast Calls Me Mom.”

At I Love Apparel, we specialize in clothes you’ll love that are all about what you love. When it comes to sports, our tees and hoodies have you covered whether you love gymnastics, volleyball, surfing, baseball or any other sport.


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