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Gun T-Shirts and Hoodies

When you say ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out,” you’re not talking about the guns that refer to arm muscles. You’re talking about the kind that give you real muscle.

You love guns. You love everything about them, whether it’s shooting them, collecting them, cleaning them or displaying them. You’re not a gun nut, you’re a person who’s always ready for anything and afraid of nothing. For you, we’ve got a tee that says, “Prepared, Not Scared.” And speaking of prepared, all those young hoodlums better beware of a rifle-slinging dad who’s wearing this tee or hoodie: “Guns Don’t Kill People; Fathers with Daughters Do.”

We’ve got tees and hoodies for every kind of gun lover. Check out the simple statement of this tee: “This Guy Loves Guns.” That’s pretty straightforward and to the point, much like your favorite sidearm. Or you could be a girl who loves guns, and for you we’ve got some great ones. Try on one that reads, “I Can Load a Lot More Than a Washer and Dryer,” or “Country Girls Just Want to Have Guns.” After all, it’s definitely true that guns are for grownups: “Some Girls Play with Dolls; Real Women Hunt.”

Maybe you’re a gun fan who’s a little, shall we say, longer in the tooth than you used to be. In that case you might like our tee or hoodie that states “I’m a Gun-Toting Grandpa,” or “I’m a Gun-Toting Grandma.” Wearing this one will definitely warn those young punks and whippersnappers to back off.

We also have tees and hoodies for those of you who love to hunt. You’re sure to find one that celebrates your favorite kind of prey, whether you’re an “Elkaholic” or you admit, “I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie.”

If you’re a gun lover you’re also a big supporter of gun rights. The two go hand in hand, and you know that there’s history to back you up. You can express that in our tee or hoodie that says, “The Second Amendment: America’s Original Homeland Security,” or try the same sentiment with a twist of humor: “If Guns Kill People, Do Pencils Misspell Words?”

At I Love Apparel, we support your right to bear comfortable tees and hoodies while expressing your love of guns. Our gun-themed tees and hoodies are perfect if you’re a hunter, gun lover or military vet, and also make great gifts for that special sharpshooter in your life.


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