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Golf T-Shirts and Hoodies

Golfing is a great sport. It’s also a crazy-making, frustrating game that will make you want to throw your clubs into the nearest ditch most days. You don’t know why you do it half the time because it’s so frustrating, but somehow you keep hanging in there. It must be the golf carts.

You’re a golfer, and your motto is “Work Less, Golf More.” That’s a great ambition and we’re here to help you reach it, with our line of tees and hoodies that will make you remember what’s important in life. You’re definitely “Born to Golf; Forced to Work.”

Of course, golf might be more than just an enjoyable outlet for you. It might be the only thing that keeps you relatively sane. It could be that you’ve chosen to let your love of golf take the place of most people. There’s nothing wrong with that. Golf is soothing and relaxing, whereas most people are annoying. You definitely need our tee or hoodie that reads, “Golf Makes Me Happy; You Not so Much.” That’s not exactly subtle but it will get your point across. So will our tee that says, “I Hit Golf Balls Because Hitting People is Frowned On.”

You might be a professional golfer, you might be the “World’s Okayest Golfer” or you might be a weekend player who lives for the moment you can say, “Grab Your Balls, We’re Going Golfing.” The bottom line is that you’re happiest when you’re out there, on a sunny day, with a cooler full of beer and a whole day ahead of you to do nothing but swing those clubs.

Golfers have to pretty durable. You’re out there in all of nature and you have to walk up and down the course. It’s a fun way to stay in shape, though, and there’s no doubt that “Golfing Takes Balls.” Hey, you might run into an alligator or a runaway golf cart out there. It’s happened. But golfers can face anything. They’re tough, which is why your motto could be, “It Takes a Lot of Balls to Golf Like I Do.”

At I Love Apparel, we know you need golf like other people need sunshine. And we know you also need one of our easy-wearing, golf-themed tees or hoodies. They’ll keep you looking and feeling great when you’re on the green or at the club. We’ve got them all teed up, so pick the one you like.


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