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Goat T-Shirts and Hoodies

How could you not love goats? These gentle, shaggy beasts are not only super smart, they’re also sweet, friendly and sociable. They like spending time with each other and with you, and it makes you happy to be around them. No matter how down your mood is, a head-butt with those little horns can make you feel good all over.

Your goats are like your kids, which is funny because baby goats are called “kids.” It’s karma, it’s meant to be, it's destiny, just like your tender feelings for these bearded little bleaters. In fact, let’s be honest. Your kids are much nicer, better-looking and better-behaved than most people’s human kids. That's why you're the proud "Goat Mom" and when you come out to the barnyard, you strut.

We know you want to shout out your love of goats, and we’ve got the tees and hoodies to help you do just that. To start with, check out our tee that explains just how you feel about goats versus humans: “Goats Make Me Happy; You, Not so Much.”

If you're like many animal lovers, you prefer the undemanding company of animals to the overly demanding company of humans. Maybe your billies are starting to look a lot better than most people. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, we’ve got a tee or hoodie that says, “All I Care About is Goats and, Like, Maybe Three People.”

Sometimes you feel like you and your bearded buddies have a special way of communicating that nobody else can understand. That’s because you’re the “Goat Whisperer” and you know just how to talk with them. People might think it’s weird that you spend time doing that. Well, you think they're weird for not liking goats. Like our tee says, “Either You Like Goats, or You’re Wrong.”

After all, you know what GOAT stands for, don’t you? Greatest of them all. That’s how you’d describe your goats, right? They’re the true king of the beasts, because nothing can match them for charm, intelligence and personality.

You love goats. And at I Love Apparel, we love that you love them. You’re certain to find a goat-themed tee or hoodie that brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart. Buy one for yourself or a goat-loving friend.


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