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Food Allergies T-Shirts and Hoodies

You love food as much as the next person, but the damn stuff doesn't love you back. No matter how careful you are, there always seems to be an evil ingredient lurking in the food you want to eat.

When you're perusing a menu or a store aisle, you start to feel like you're on Mission Impossible, trying to find something that won't make your throat close up and your face break out in hives.

For you, peanuts are evil. And they're everywhere! In fact, bad scary foods seem to be hiding around every corner. Maybe corn is your kryptonite. Maybe you're wondering, whose idea was it to put dairy in everything? Or gluten, or eggs, or any of the other things you just can't eat?

You might be a superhero: a label-reading, epipen-carrying, recipe-creating, public education food allergy supermom. If so, you've got a lot on your platter and you deserve a tee that tells the world you'll do whatever it takes to protect your kids. We could also add sleep-deprived, worn out and frazzled to the last nerve to that list, right? Either way we know you're out there fighting the good fight. And we know you've got this down to a mad science because allergy moms do better research than the FBI. You know every hiding place of every allergen in existence and not one is going to slip by you. You know all their aliases and if they try to use another name you're onto them in a flash.

It could be that your superpowers are in the kitchen. You can ask with some pride, "I'm an allergy-free baker; what's your superpower?" It takes a lot of skill and ingenuity to whip up the stuff you do, but that's how you operate. You were gluten-free before it was cool, and you prefer gluten-free buns.

We can certainly sympathize with your food woes, but we'd like to remind you that there is one food you can eat with no bad effects, and that glorious food is bacon. Yeah, bacon makes you glad and gluten makes you mad, but bacon tastes a whole lot better, so you win. You're too cool for gluten but never too cool for yummy, crispy bacon.

We're pretty sure wine and coffee are gluten-free too, so drink up. Life would certainly be a lot tougher without some fruit of the bean or vine to get you through it.

At I Love Apparel we've got tees that tell the world that when it comes to food allergies, you're doing the best you can with what you've got. All of our tees are made without corn, peanuts, eggs, dairy or gluten so you're sure to find one that is just right.


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