German Shepherd T-Shirts and Hoodies

We know you love your German Shepherd and we know why. These brainy dogs are beautiful, brave and strong. They will fight beside you, guard you and warn you of dangers. They’re more than a companion; they’re a partner.

They may have originally been bred to herd sheep, but these days German Shepherds have a starring role in military operations, rescue missions and police work. They’re even-tempered, intelligent and have a love of learning that puts the average human to shame.

Given all this it’s easy to understand why your Shepherd is your pride and joy. There’s no shame in it, and there’s no shame in wearing our tee and hoodie that say, “I Love My German Shepherd More Than I Love People.”

We know that’s true because we also know that you may as well admit the truth: “All I Care About is My German Shepherd and, Like, Three Other People.” That’s not a lot, but it’s probably the same number of people your dog loves. German Shepherds are intelligent enough not to trust random strangers and they take their time getting to know someone. Your Shepherd is a good judge of character, so let everyone know your pooch is doing the initial screening with this tee: “If My German Shepherd Doesn’t Like You, I Probably Won’t Either. “

You’d rather spend time with your furry friend anyway. Your German Shepherd’s big brown eyes, thick coat and steady presence always make you feel safe. You wish you could spend more time hanging with your dog, and you probably agree with this tee: “All I Want to Do is Drink Wine, Play with My German Shepherd and Take Naps.”

Your Shepherd would probably go along with that plan, because this is a dog that likes to make people happy. Your Shepherd only has eyes for you and is ready to go to work, or play. You have a pal for life, and you’ll appreciate the sentiment of this tee or hoodie: “I Asked God for a True Friend, so He Sent Me a German Shepherd.”

Speaking of best friends, check out our tee that says, “Whoever Said Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Never Owned a German Shepherd.”

At I Love Apparel, we love bringing you the opportunity to express your true feelings. We know you love your dog and we also know you’ll find the perfect German Shepherd-themed tee or hoodie in our collection.
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