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Flute T-Shirts and Hoodies

It’s said to be the world’s oldest instrument, and some type of it version exists in every country and culture. Mozart wrote a whole opera about a magic one. Leonardo da Vinci played one and so did George Washington.

What is this magical and much-loved instrument? It’s the flute, of course, and if you have one you know just why it’s irresistible. With its delicate, pure sound, the flute can pick up any tune and make it sound new.

If you have a flute, you can take that music with you anywhere you go. The portable, powerful songster can travel everywhere and fit in at any musical event. It moves easily from classical to rock to bluegrass and lends a fine touch to all of them. That’s why players like James Galway and Bobbi Humphrey have made great recordings in every type of music, and Jean-Pierre Rampal recorded with that other noted musician, Miss Piggy.

The flute seems to do best in company; it’s a sociable instrument and flute players—flutists, flautists, fluters?--tend to be well-liked and easygoing. They’re also devastatingly good looking and incredibly sexy, aren’t they?

Piccolo, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass—what’s your flute speed? They’re all fine and they’ll all answer the all-important question: Got Flute?

It’s true that this beautiful instrument isn’t the easiest one to master, and it’s hard to find good solo pieces for it. So some lesser musicians may shy away from it. It’s easier to bang away at a big old piano or pick up a guitar and have at it. But that’s not you. You know that, like many good things in life, a flute requires patience, dedication and a lot of love.

For you, it’s worth it. In fact, given a choice you’d probably spend more time with your flute than you would with anything (or anyone) else. You love the flute and who can blame you? That’s why you turn to your woodwind buddy when you’re feeling low. You know the flute will soon perk you up with its dancing, airy notes. It’s like you always say: You don’t need therapy, you just need to play your flute. The flute has healing properties, and anyone who doesn’t believe that should just ask Nestor Torres.

At I Love Apparel, we want you to wear your love of banjos with pride. Our flute-themed tees and hoodies will keep you looking good when you’re playing your favorite woodwind.


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