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Farmer T-Shirts and Hoodies

You love being out in the open air, working the land, tending to your animals, shoveling hay and doing all those other things that a farm needs. Farming keeps you strong and keeps your mind healthy. Farming isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle, a profession, a way of seeing the world, and a choice you make every day.

Farmers make food for all of us, and we certainly appreciate that. We also know how hard you work and how you’re constantly at the mercy of the weather. You need to make friends with Mother Nature but that’s an unpredictable friendship, to put it mildly.

You work like nobody’s business and you don’t get much in return for it, except the satisfaction of a job well done. You have to constantly explain why you do it. You get some odd looks, like farming is a hobby that went out of style years ago. But you love it. You love the way it makes you feel and the way it puts you in touch with a different rhythm in life.

We know it’s made you strong and healthy, which is why you definitely are the “World’s Sexiest Farmer.”

Show off those great legs by wearing a tee or hoodie that announces, “Farm Girls Have Great Calves.”

You can’t help it. It just comes along with the territory, like having a healthy appetite, a great farmer’s tan, strong muscles and a back that won’t quit. You’ve got a glow that comes from living close to nature. That’s why you draw people to you like flies to honey. It’s like our tee says, “I Hate Being Sexy, but I’m a Farmer, I Can’t Help It.”

It’s also given you a special way with animals, sort of like Doctor Dolittle. We’ve all heard of horse whisperers, but you’ve got something better going on. You’re the “Cow Whisperer” and you can get those great big bovines eating out of your hand and giving you the creamiest milk around. You might be the “Sheep Whisperer” who gets those woolly beasts to herd. Maybe you’re the “Chicken Whisperer” who understands that some of your best conversations in life are with creatures who can’t speak.

At I Love Apparel, we sometimes fantasize about chucking it all and running off to a farm, but we know we would probably last about three days. We don’t have what it takes, so we’re glad you farmers do. But we do have what it takes to bring you the best farmer-themed tees and hoodies you’ll find, by a country mile.


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