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Engineer T-Shirts and Hoodies

As an engineer, you get your share of jokes about being a nerd but that’s only because everyone is in awe of how smart you are. None of it bothers you because you know that without you, nothing would get built, computers wouldn’t run, and we’d all be back in the Stone Age.

It’s like our tee or hoodie says, “If God Didn’t Build It, an Engineer Did.” That pretty much says it all. So does this one: “I’m an Engineer. To Save Time, Let’s Assume That I’m Always Right.” That’s pretty much going to be our assumption, because we certainly aren’t going to argue with you.

Actually, most people do just figure you’re always right. That’s why we have a tee that says, “Trust Me, I’m an Engineer,” because people generally do. We also have this one: “Relax, the Engineer is Here.”

You’re a busy person, and you’re probably an “Engineer Powered by Coffee,” but you believe that all work and no play makes for a boring life, so you’ve got hobbies. You might be an “Engineer by Day, Gamer by Night.”

Maybe your hobby is actually your family, and you somehow find the time and energy to work a double shift as a superhero. Yes, that’s right, you’re an “Engineer by Day, Super Mom by Night” or “Engineer by Day, Super Dad by Night.”

You might be the “World’s Best Engineer” and that’s saying a lot, since there are a lot of really sharp engineers out there. And being in your life of work means you’ve got an extra helping of both brains and looks. It’s like our tee and hoodie say, “I Hate Being Sexy, but I’m an Engineer So I Can’t Help It.”

If you’re not an engineer but you’re married to one, show the world you made a great choice with a tee or hoodie that says, “Real Men Marry Engineers.”

There’s also this great tee or hoodie that says, “Sorry, This Girl is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Engineer,” or “Sorry, This Guy is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Engineer.”

If you’re an engineer, you work hard and you deserve to relax in a tee or hoodie that makes you smile and keeps you comfortable.

For you women out there, we know it’s tough to be in a job that’s traditionally male, so you’ll appreciate a tee that says, “God Took Some of the Smartest Women and Made Them Engineers.”

At I Love Apparel, we have a great lineup of engineer-themed tees and hoodies. We know you’ll find one that’s right for you or as a gift to your favorite engineer.


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