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Drum T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Shirts For All Drummers

Let’s just start this conversation off right. Drums are the best. Really though. They are seriously the best! What makes us say that, you ask? Well, just sit back, relax, and we will lay it all out for you.

First of all, drums have been in use for literally thousands upon thousands of years. Just think about that fact for a second. Sit in that knowledge and let it soak in. That’s a ridiculously long time! As one of the earliest used instruments in human existence, we think the drums deserve some serious respect and admiration. Not only have they kept us in time for community dances and religious rituals, they have inspired soldiers to keep marching and warriors to keep fighting through the centuries. They are an incredible piece of our human history and are still in use today. We think that is pretty amazing.

Also, let’s point out the fact that the drums bring a full and whole quality to our music. From symphony orchestras to the incredible genius of Buddy Rich, the drums have stayed tried-and-true, bringing a constant, driving force to the music it is a part of. Acting almost as a heartbeat, the drums are an essential part of any piece of music. We find that pretty amazing, as well.

Now, with all that sentimentality out of the way… we think the drums rock and we reckon they should have a design collection dedicated just to them! These drum t-shirts and hoodies are our way of showing some respect for such a long-standing fixture of musical expression. Consider this equivalent to us respecting our elders.

Not only are the drums something to be admired, the amazing people who play the drums are pretty awesome as well! They are dedicated and on time and generally just way cooler than everyone else. Which probably means you should just take everything they say as fact. With our Trust Me I’m a Drummer shirt, you’ll be able to show the world that you’re a trustworthy drummer, and you know what you’re talking about. Always. Without question.

For those of you who are a little more chill about your awesomeness, we’ve got the Relax - The Drummer’s Here design. With this drum t-shirt or hoodie, you can put those around you at ease, helping them know that you’ve got things covered. You’re the drummer. You got this. 

Whether you are a drummer in a successful band or a drummer who likes to jam with friends in the garage (or both!), we’ve got all sorts of design options for both men and women to choose from. Show off those amazing drum playing skills and display your drummer pride with our well-made, well-fitted shirts and hoodies. Share some love for the one instrument that has stood the test of time (and then some): The Drums!


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