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Dog T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Dogs are not just man’s best friend, like our tee says, “Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Dogs are really everybody’s friend, and you won’t find a better one than that four-legged, wet-nosed, loyal, loving pup.

There’s nothing like a dog to come home to. Lovers and spouses come and go, friends can let you down, but your dog is unchanging in the way he loves you. He will never hurt you, betray a confidence, or tell you that she’s heard that story a million times and please stop already.

Dogs are better than most people which is why there’s so much truth to the statement in this tee, “The More People I Meet, the More I Love my Dog.” Dogs are quick learners, they’re fast and agile and fun to be around. They never talk too much. They’ll go anywhere with you and will do anything you feel like doing. They’re also loving, gentle, and there to comfort you when things go haywire.

Does that sound like any people you know? We rest our case.

Because of this, dogs deserve all the best that we can do for them, and that includes wearing tees and hoodies that celebrate that love every day. After all, “Dogs are a Privilege, Not a Right.” And if you have to spend money, your dog deserves a big share of it in the form of food, treats and toys.

Hey, isn’t it true, like this tee or hoodie says, “I Work Hard so My Dogs Can Have a Better Life”? Of course it is. Because the bottom line is, “Life is Better with Dogs.”

We have dog tees that celebrate your friendship and love with these special animals, like “My Therapist Has a Wet Nose,” and “I Reached out a Hand and Found a Paw.” We also have tees that declare your love of a particular dog breed, and we’ve got all kinds. Batty for beagles? Passionate about Pit Bulls? Dotty over dachshunds? We have tees and hoodies that celebrate all these breeds.

We also have tees and hoodies that tell the world your favorite breed is a rescue dog. A dog doesn’t need papers to be loved, and you’re doing God’s work when you say, “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

At I Love Apparel, we know how much your dogs mean to you. You’re sure to find the perfect dog-themed tee or hoodie that tells the world you’ve got a best buddy for life.


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