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Desserts T-Shirts and Hoodies

You live by the motto, "Life is short; eat dessert first." And why not? We only go around once, and nothing makes life's ups and downs easier to bear than a heaping helping of something sweet.

Think about how many times you've made it through a tough work day by promising yourself that if you survived, you'd buy yourself an ice cream cone. Heck, you went and got yourself a whole banana split. Had a bad meal at a restaurant? Skip the entrees and head straight to the brownie topped with hot fudge and ice cream. Nobody can mess that up. Remember when the Golden Girls had a problem to solve, or a serious heart-to-heart discussion? The first thing they did was pull out a cheesecake and some forks.

Anytime you're not happy with life, you can look to dessert to make it all better. Think about it. We all know that stress spelled backwards is dessert.

Is making desserts your thing, your passion? Maybe you love whipping up pastries or you're a whiz at churning out the frosty nirvana that is ice cream. You might be a professional baker, a pastry chef or other person who's lucky enough to work knee-deep in sugar every day.

Or maybe you're just a professional eater of desserts, one who would agree wholeheartedly that pie is always a good idea, summer or winter, rain or shine.

You're not ashamed by how much you love dessert, and the last thing you want to do is count calories or worry about fat content. You know there's no point making a cake--much less eating it--unless the recipe calls for gobs of butter and gallons of cream. When it comes to pie crust, you're the flakiest thing around, and when it comes to brownies, there's no argument: the best part is the batter.

You're not interested in any lectures about diets and weight, you've got much more important things to do and besides, you're too full of yummy dessert to be mean or judgmental to anyone. You just want to be left alone to live love bake, or at least, live love eat.

At I Love Apparel we will never judge you for your dedication to dessert. In fact, we share it because we'd rather eat dessert than green beans any day. We'd rather eat it than a whole lot of other things, and if makes you feel good, it has to be good for you.

Whatever your dessert passion is, you're sure to find a tee in our collection that lets everyone know just how you feel about all the sweet goodies the world has to offer.


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